Our KuneKune Pigs

                                                                                                                                  This is Harley and Quinn. Martha and Kevin are no longer.                                                                                                                        Kevin & Marthadidn't quite look KuneKune enough so we had them                       processed.

Harley  Martha  Quinn  Kevin                                                                                   They taste great. Meat is redder than normal pork. Delicious!

                 8 months later --->   

  We found out too late that kiddie pools work for about the first five time into the pool; then the sides begin to collapse and the bottom gets holes in it so it doesn't hold water for long. Evidently, it's the kiddie SAND boxes we should've gotten. Now we have a few holes fitting just their forms to put water in for them when it gets hot. They make sure to rub up against you to say hi and ask for scratches and rubs if you come into their pen. These are some AWESOME pigs! They are like 2-300 lb lapdogs. And they LOVE pecans. If they get out they don't run off, they go to the front and forge for pecans. Reguler pigs would root and take off. I love these guys. Haven't tried to trim toenails yet, but it should be an adventure!