Welcome to 5G's Rabbitry/D & D Farms where we raise rabbits: Flemish Giants, Polish, Palomino, Mini Lop and Papillon; Goats: Nigerian Dwarf, a Nigerian Dwarf-Alpine and a Nigerian Dwarf-LaMancha-Saanan Dairy Goat, along with assorted chickens, ducks, guineas, and turkeys. AND NOW, we have some KuneKune pigs! What wonderful animals! 

 In addition to Beethoven and Hildy, we now have two new additions to our livestock guardians - Percival and Peaches!

Beethoven is 1/2 Pyranees, 1/4 Leonberger and 1/4 Sarplaninac; Hildy is all Pyranees, and Percy and Peaches are both Maremma Sheep Dogs. They should make GREAT additions to our animals' security.

     Our big & baby guardian dogs.



Guard Dogs