Our Rabbits

      We have been raising rabbits since 1988. It started with myself, Debbie, Jennifer, Jackie, and Dale. Three 4H projects I didn't expect to survive the first month.

  Obviously my expectations were greatly exceeded! Debbie and the girls are still showing; as are the girls' girls. Most of the girls' girls began their show career at only a few days old. And they still love it! Now, my great-granddaughter is showing. She starts little 4H this year and is exploding with anticipation and "want-to"; you know, "I want to - show chickens, and goats, and vegetables, and a pig!" She is sooo excited.

  From the original three New Zealand Whites, the breeds we keep have changed over the years. We've had Checkers, Dwarf Hotots and Netherland Dwarfs, ... ???? and now Flemish Giants, Polish, Palominos, Rex, Mini Rex, Mini Lops, Broken New Zealands, and I don't know what else remain.

As you can see below, some of my girls really get into rabbit raising, literally: